Blueinjection gets the green light from Traffix

Posted on Thursday, February 8th 2018

When it comes to considering the impact of working practises on the environment, we cannot be accused of simply paying lip service to a loose set of guidelines. Our company takes it’s responsibility very seriously and goes to extraordinary lengths towards making a real difference.

During February 2016 we were awarded the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2004 and are presently working towards to the newer and more management led 2015 accreditation. One obvious consideration when assessing a company’s impact on the environment is the use of vehicles. As anyone will know you can’t provide traffic and event management without using vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean to say that you still can’t take steps to limit the impact of these vehicles on the environment.

Following further expansion, we were required to purchase 20 new vehicles. One of the main considerations for the choice of vehicle was the impact of that particular vehicle on the environment. For this reason we chose the Vauxhall Movana fitted with Blueinjection technology. Blueinjection is cutting-edge SCR diesel technology that uses AdBlue™ to further reduce the level of nitric oxide therefore producing cleaner emissions.

Blueinjection technology directly injects AdBlue™ into exhaust pipes triggering a chemical reaction that reduces harmful mono-nitrogen oxide emissions by converting them into nitrogen and water vapour, which when emitted are harmless to the environment.

This investment underlines Traffix’s commitment to improving the environment for future generations. Chris Handel, Traffix Environmental Officer commented: ‘It is important to us that our customers and all other interested parties are aware that Traffix care about the environment. Our business decisions reflect our commitment to achieving our environmental goals.‘