Driving better in-cab performance

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th 2021

Becoming the first Midlands traffic management company to achieve FORS Bronze status in 2015 sharpened our focus on vehicle usage.

In line with our commitment to continual improvement we began evaluating a vehicle tracking system in the Autumn of 2020 which monitors driver performance. We have now rolled out the Lightfoot system across our fleet.

Driving better in-cab performance

Lightfoot is award-winning, government-supported technology that is helping to make our roads safer, our environment cleaner and our motoring less expensive. The system uses advanced, real-time engine analytics to provide live, in-cab coaching to help drivers improve both efficiency and safety – and then get rewarded for it.

Lightfoot’s bottom-up, driver-first approach is unique in the way that it engages and rewards drivers, empowering those in the driving seat to drive change. The system doesn’t just improve driver safety and reduce fuel consumption; it has a real-world impact on vehicle emissions and the air we breathe.

Tests undertaken by Bath University’s Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems have proven a direct correlation between Lightfoot’s in-cab visual alerts and reductions in NOx. Its studies show that if drivers half the number of lights lit up on Lightfoot’s pocket-sized in-cab dashboard device, a fivefold reduction in NOx is achieved.

Described by many as the ‘Fitbit for cars and vans’, Lightfoot has pioneered a new standard and way of measuring efficient driving.

Kerry Draper is Health, Safety and Facilities Director at Traffix...”Lightfoot will record individual driver performance and will help drive key performance measures of fuel consumption, CO2 usage and also driving times.

“We aim to reduce our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and have changed our driver policy to reward those drivers who constantly return good driving behaviours.

“We will use the data to identify high performing drivers and ask them to train other drivers who’s performance could be improved as well as training newly qualified drivers. Better driving behaviours will provide less wear and tear on our vehicles and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Lightfoot driver best performers

Pictured L-R are our Traffix 'Top of the Table' performance drivers; Lee Foster (97.1%), David Rhodes (98.7%), Chris Wagstaff (99.4%).