From the fab four to Fab at Fifteen

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th 2021

“Like many people in my position I rarely look back, but on the occasion that I do it’s amazing to think that we started with just two vans and four people.” Say’s Gary Horsburgh founder of Traffix reflecting on fifteen years in business.

February 2006 and whilst Team GB registered their customary single medal at the Turin Winter Olympics, in a corner of Digbeth in Birmingham the name of Traffix entered the temporary traffic management arena for the first time. Birmingham’s own ‘Fab Four’ complete with said two vans set about ruffling a few feathers within a sector where the word change was only ever heard as a reminder to take your donkey jacket off before dinner.

Traffix Digbeth

Back then work was primarily for utilities businesses, in particular temporary traffic management for the British Telecom cable laying projects throughout the city and outskirts. Additionally, the flow of traffic, pedestrians and participants was also managed for a number of local events.

But Traffix were never going to settle for just fitting in with the in-crowd, conversations at HQ would always start with Why? And from this a reputation for innovation has steadily underpinned Traffix’s core proposition, the benefits of which can be read in countless site reports filed away at utility and construction businesses throughput the Midlands.

Gary Horsburgh picks up the story:” Our approach to TM has always been innovative and refreshing. We’ve never been afraid to question ourselves but also our industry and its practices.

“I’m proud of the fact that we’ve pioneered several industry-leading innovations and we’re always going to be at the forefront. Best practice is as important to us as it is our clients, many of whom are highly respected within their industry. We do things the right way, the Traffix way.”

Today Traffix are the leading provider of temporary traffic and event management in the Midlands region. The business provides temporary traffic and event management services for complex infrastructure schemes and construction projects, to highway maintenance, large-scale events and charitable events.

Traffix Bickenhill HQ

In January 2021 in line with the long-term strategy of the business, Gary Horsburgh relinquished his position of Managing Director and handed the reins over to Stuart Morrissey, previously Commercial Director at Traffix. Gary assumed the role of Financial Director.

A Traffix man through and through, Stuart knows what makes the company special, so what is the secret? “It may sound dull but we just get on with what we are required to do. There’s no fanfare just a professional and hard working crew committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

“Our clients trust our judgment, which is why we sit in planning meetings months before a major project is due to go live. We’ve quietly made a name for ourselves as a TM company who can handle major projects whilst retaining the personal touch that we’ve always given. Clients and stakeholders like this.

“Over the past 15 years Gary has built a very successful business at the cutting edge of innovation & service. Along with the rest of the Traffix team it is my intention to take the business to the next level, building on these core values.”