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Traffix in conversation with Raj Kang, volunteer for two community organisations

Posted on Wednesday, March 4th 2020


Can you describe the scale of your business?
I volunteer for two community organisations.
Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham (CSGB) an umbrella organisation representing the 15 Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham and providing a voice for the 50,000 Sikhs in Birmingham.
Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Sandwell (CSGS) an umbrella organisation representing the 10 Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham and providing a voice for the 30,000 Sikhs in Sandwell.
Both organisations actively organise many events.


What is the most challenging aspect of running your projects?
I organise and manage three large parades on the highway, parades have a combination of vehicles and people. Numbers can exceed over 25,0000 and public safety is a number one priority.

How did your partnership with Traffix begin?
I have been working with Traffix since 2005 this further developed when I worked for the Birmingham City Council Events team, working on many local and national events with Traffix. The first event I worked with Traffix was the Vaisakhi celebrations, the largest Vaisakhi outdoor event in Europe attracting over a 100,000 people and two parades.

What was behind your decision to work with Traffix?
I have found all the staff very helpful, professional and accommodating – everyone involved with traffix have a good understanding of faith communities. Traffix have a flexible approach and will always go out of their way to accommodate and facilitate changes.

What is important to you when working with suppliers / partners?
Trust and professionalism are very important, I have personally built up a very good relationship with many of the staff at Traffix. CSGB and CSGS put great importance on health and safety, working with Traffix we know they share the same importance.

Is there a particular element to the service that Traffx provide, which stands out?
raffix are a reputable and reliable company and the service they provide is exceptional. The help and support with planning an event is exceptional. providing key health and safety information to other partner and agencies to ensure we all collectively put on safe events.

Would you say Traffix go beyond your expectation?
One word – Absolutely!

Would you say Traffix make a difference to the success of your projects?
Traffix are an essential component to the delivery of our events – without them it would be very difficult to stage our events. The years of working together and having a mutual understanding cannot be replaced.