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Traffix in conversation with Richard Lees, of Richard Lees Associates Ltd

Posted on Monday, November 18th 2019

Traffix Recruitment

Richard Lees

Can you describe the scale of your event?
The events involving road closures can be as short as 4 hours or up to 2 and a half days and rely on closing some of the roads around the town centre of Stratford upon Avon. They are high profile events and festivals attracting thousands of people to the town.

What’s the most challenging aspect of running your event?
Most challenging is the co-ordination of the many contractors we use to pull the events together. Contractors must all work with in the confines of the site, to keep themselves safe and keep safe the public who may be in the area going about their everyday business.

How did you find out about Traffix?
I happened to be doing a search online for local Traffic Management companies because I needed to find a replacement when a previous supplier pulled out.

What was behind your decision to work with Traffix?
The website told me a lot about the company and gave me the reassurance to make contact and discuss requirements for the first event they managed for me and my clients. Throughout the planning process the interaction was just what was required. An excellent blend of expertise and professionalism from both sides.

What’s important to you when working with suppliers/partners?
Co-operation, and the feeling of reassurance when working with a company that knows what it is doing and has the staff at all levels to carry the task through to completion. After a short while they felt more like a partner than a contractor. The working relationship is excellent.

Is there a particular element to the service that Traffix provides, which stands out?
The ability to adapt to a rapidly changing scenario – which is often the case when dealing with a moving procession through the town's roads.

Would you say that Traffix go beyond your expectation?
Absolutely – they will go beyond what it normally expected of a contractor to ensure a successful outcome. I suppose I do expect more now than in the early days, but they continue to out perform.

Do you ever receive feedback about Traffix from event participants or spectators?
I often receive positive comments, not only about the way the closures are put on but also the helpful nature of the staff, some of whom are beginning to know Stratford upon Avon quite well and have the knowledge to successfully guide vehicles around the road blocks.

Would you say that Traffix make a difference to the success of your event?
Personally, yes. Having Traffix on board has meant I can concentrate on other aspects of the event, knowing that instructions have been carried out and if there are queries, which there often are, we will be able to address them jointly and maintain a safe area for all to enjoy.